Woodcutt Isle
Type Island
NPCs Leland Woodchuck

Mortimer Woodchuck

Ranger Grainger

Dolly Piltdown

Chuck Piltdown

Features Woodchuck's Crafting Hut


Beast Hunter Tent


This is the second island the player is introduced to. To reach Woodcutt Isle the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

The player is introduced to this island because Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to speak to Mortimer Woodchuck who is located on Woodcutt Isle.

Ranger Grainger oversees the Island and can be seen walking around the second level of the island. She sometimes will provide characters with side-quests.

Woodchucks's Crafting Hut Edit

Mortimer Woodchuck, the woodcutter and Leland Woodchuck reside inside Woodchuck's Crafting Hut. Leland Woodchuck teaches the player Woodwork Recipes to craft items using the woodcutter.

Campsite Edit

There is a campsite on Woodcutt Isle that spawns different campers from day to day. Campers such as Dolly Pildown and Chuck Piltdown will sometimes provide the player with side-quests.

Beast Hunter Tent Edit

The Beast Hunter Tent is also at the campsite. Inside, Burt Wolfbane, the Beast Hunter, will provide the player with a Daily Job to go beast hunting.

Animals and Birds Edit

The Red Fox, Forest Mouse, Kingfisher, Clam, Hermit Crab, and Brown Owl may be found on Woodcutt Isle.



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