Whiseman Reef
Type Island
NPCs Professor Hornsby

Cuthbert Pawmaster

Professor Hardback

Professor Babblington

Professor Simpkins

Groundskeeper Godfrey

Professor Crucible

Priscilla Noble

Features Whiseman Reef University

Whiseman Reef Observatory


Hedge maze

Archeon Three-tail Statue

To reach Whiseman Reef Island, the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

The player is first introduced to this island because Emelia Quickblade sends the player on a quest to speak to Professor Hardback located at the Whiseman Reef University.

The island consists of the Whiseman Reef University, and the Whiseman Reef Observatory. Besides the University, a giant chessboard courtyard and hedge maze is a unique feature for this island.

Professor Babblingtone, Professor Simpkins and Groundskeeper Godfrey can be seen walking around the island.

Whiseman Reef University

The Whiseman Reef University is located on Whiseman Reef in the top quandrant. It is the residence of a few non-playable characters including Professor Hardback, and Cuthbert Pawmaster, who the player can visit to identify land animals.

It is also where the IdentifEye 5000 is located for the player to identify artifacts.

Whiseman Reef Observatory

The Whiseman Reef Observatory is the residence of Professor Hornsby, who can be seen at the top floor of the observatory beside a large telescope.

Archeon Three-Tail Statue

The Archeon Three-Tail Statue, a crucial quest item, is located on Whiseman Reef. It is located between Whiseman Reef University and Whiseman Reef Observatory.

Animals and Birds

The Kingfisher, Brown Owl, Badger and Squirrel can be found on Whiseman Reef Island.



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