The Warrior Camp is located on Larona Village in the top right quadrant.

The Warrior Camp is referred to sometimes as the Quickblade Academy.

Emelia Quickblade is located at the Warrior Camp, and she will send the player on various quests.

After completing all of her quests the Warrior District of Accordia will become available and allow the player to hire warrior crew member.

The Warrior Camp also has a training dummy that the player can use to practice the melee mini game.

There is also a blue tent and a white tent located at the Warrior Camp.

Inside the white tent there are some decorations, and the blue tent is Emelia Quickblade's tent where there are decorations and the warrior for hire later on in the game.

The player can go into the blue tent when Emelia Quickblade says the warriorJohn Swiftblade, can be hired.



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