The Warrior Academy is first seen in ruins in the Warrior District of Accordia.

After Emelia Quickblade sends the player on a quest to repair the Warrior Academy an icon with a hardhat and sledgehammer appear in a bubble.

If tapped, the player is notified that six Stonefish, one Purple Paint, three Wooden Blocks, five Wood Planks, the Swordfighting Crest given by Emelia Quickblade, and 3,500 Coins are needed for the repair.

After selecting to repair, an option to use 28 Pearls is offered to speed up the process.

The entire process will take 16 hours to complete if it is not sped up.

The Warrior Academy has a value of 370 Prestige.

Once the construction is complete, a tent covers the area occupied by the Academy ruins and a bubble with a hardhat and sledge hammer appear.

After tapping the bubble, the Warrior Academy is revealed.

John Swiftblade can upgrade his warrior skill in the upgrade cabinet in the Warrior Academy


  • Level 2 - requires the warrior to win 25 matches
  • Level 3 - requires the warrior to win 75 matches
  • Level 4 - requires the warrior to win 200 matches
  • Level 5 - requires the warrior to win 1,000 matches

Appearance ChangeEdit

When John Swiftblade leaves the upgrade cabinet he has a new shield and sword compared to when he entered.



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