The Waiting Tables is a Daily Job in Seabeard.

NOTE: Developers have warned AGAINST playing the waiting tables mini game in the 1.5.1 release as there are bugs associated with it.

This Daily Job is assigned at the Larona Village Restaurant from Minnie Cheesecakes.

To complete Waiting Tables the player needs to put on a uniform and wait on customers.

After putting on the uniform the player has to do the following:

A message appears which states the following:

  • "Customers have arrived - tap customer"

After tapping the customer a new message appears which states:

  • "Tap table to take customer to their seat"

After bringing the customers to their seat a third message appears which states:

  • "These customers want to order - tap them"

Once the customers are tapped another message appears which states:

  • "Tap the order holder to deliver the order to the kitchen"

After doing this a fifth message appears which states:

  • "Tap the food to pick it up"

Once this is done another message appears and states the following:

  • "Tap the table to deliver the food to the customers"

A seventh message appears after this stating:

  • "Tap the table to take the customers money"

After receiving the money a message appears and states:

  • "Tap the table to pickup the dirty dishes"

Upon picking up the dirty dishes a message appears with the following:

  • "Tap to deliver the dirty dishes to the trolley"

Once this done the process must be repeated multiple times.

If everything is not completed quickly enough and then it says there are too many unsatisfied customers and the job is not completed for the day.

Satisfied customers are green and smiling.

Annoyed customers are orange and are neither smiling nor frowning.

Unsatisfied customers are red and are frowning.

If the job is completed the player receives the reward for completing the goal.



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