After Alistair McCubbin sends the player on a quest to repair the first Trader House an icon with a hardhat and sledgehammer appear in a bubble.

If tapped on the player is notified that three Wood Planks and 30 Coins are needed for the repair.

After selecting to to repair an option to use one pearl is offered to speed up the process.

The entire process will take 5 minutes to complete if it is not sped up.

Once the construction is complete a tent is placed over the space the rubble was and a bubble with a hardhat and sledge hammer appear.

After tapping the bubble the Trader House is revealed.

The blueprints for Trader Houses are purchased at the Architect.

Once obtained, the plans must be placed on a open plot in Accordia and then built by the Grout Brothers using various supplies.

The same process is repeated for the other Trader Houses but with different building materials, building cost, and building time.

A Trader House requires a 3x3 plot of land to be built on.

A Trader House must be complete before a trader can be hired to work at a stall.

Prestige Build Time
Fish Trader
(First House)
30 Coins 3 Wood Planks 40 5:00 minutes
Food Trader
(Second House)
120 Coins 5 Driftwood
1 Red Paint
1 Stonefish
40 6:00 hours
Wood Trader
(Third House)
1,500 Coins 2 Reinforced Wood Pieces
2 Sawdusts
1 Yellow Paint
1 Narwhal Horn
40 10:00 hours
Monster Parts Trader
(Fourth House)
3,000 Coins 4 Wooden Blocks
4 Stonefish
4 Wood Planks
3 Screw
3 Yellow Paints
40 16:00 hours
Antiques Trader
(Fifth House)
5,000 coins 2 Rock Golem Powders
1 Purple Paint
1 Rockdust Plank
2 Narwhal Horns
40 18:00 hours
Metalwork Trader

(Sixth House)

6,000 coins 2 Reinforced Wood Pieces

2 Ore Cakes

2 Camouflage Paints

40 24:00 hours



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