Sunsoak Lagoon
Type Island
NPCs Etta Cornelius

Ivan Jobsworth

Bret Boardshorts

Brian Tarvu

Frank Cottoncloth

Debra Mangosteen

Pam Nayeev

Derek Ploughman

Gloria Von Shirker

Features Sunsoak Lagoon Restaurant


Sunsoak Lagoon is the seventh island the player is introduced to.

To reach Sunsoak Lagoon the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

Sunsoak Lagoon also offers various Side-Quests each day.

The player will need the Archeon Sea Map to unlock Sunsoak Lagoon.

Sunsoak Lagoon Restaurant Edit

The Restaurant is operated by Debra Mangosteen who can teach the player two tropical Food Recipes.

To the left of the Restaurant is where Frank Cottoncloth sells clothing items. In front, there are decorations that can also be purchased. The stock changes everyday.

Animals and Birds Edit

The Skunk, Treefinch, and Pink Songbird, can be found on Sunsoak Lagoon.



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