Type Fish
Location All Islands except

Archeon Temple Ruins

Time Night
Trade Price 40 coins

Stonefish can be found in the waters of any Yoruba island but only at night.

Stonefish can be sold at the Fishmonger Stall for 40 coins in 40 minutes.They are essential for building and repairing many of the structures on Accordia and are also used to make Rock Cake.

Stonefish spawn in the evening/night between 6pm and 6am. Stonefish spawn randomly at the normal 6 hour re-spawn rate within the 6pm-6am window.

They feed on discarded lego bricks and breezeblocks, and in deeper waters can attain enormous sizes. A specimen caught near the Azores once measured 6 metres and now forms part of the National Library of Belarus in Minsk. They are also known by the pseudonyms Blockfish and Captain Cuboid.

Scientific name: Saxum tristis



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