Settings is a screen where players can change certain settings and have quick access to other information.

The Settings can be accessed by tapping the square Menu button next to the currency toolbar.

Adjusting VolumeEdit

The left side of the screen shows the options to adjust the volume of both the music and sound.

These can be changed by swiping the specific slider either left or right.

The further the slider is to the right the louder the volume is, and the further the slider is to the left the lower the volume is.

Identification NumbersEdit

Below the sound adjustment settings are three identification numbers.

The first number is labeled "Build:"

  • The first part of this number is the software version of the game.
  • For example, if it says "1.2.8" the version of the game would currently be on version 1.2.8.
  • The purpose of the second part of this number is unknown at this time.
  • It is speculated that its purpose is to help the game developers identify which version of the game is being used.

The second number is labeled "SV:"

  • It is not confirmed, but it is speculated that this number may be which server version the game is currently on.

The third number is labeled "UserId:"

  • This number is most likely the identification number for the player's park.
  • It is possible that this number may be asked for when sending in a customer service request.

Button LinksEdit

The right side of the screen consists of five buttons which link to other screens.

The first four buttons are beige and if tapped will pull up a redirected screen to either the set up email on the device or a Backflip Studios' webpage.

The last button is green and will open up scrolling credits for Seabeard.

First Button
The first button is labeled "Email Customer Service".

  • If tapped the player will be redirected to the email set to the device with the "To:" field already filled in for
  • If the player does not have email attached to the device the following message will appear:
    • "You don't have an e-mail account set up on your device, but you can email quoting user <insert your User Id>".

Second Button
The second button is labeled "Common Questions".

Third Button
The third button is labeled "Terms of Service".

Fourth Button
The fourth button is labeled "Privacy policy".

Fifth Button
The fourth button is labeled "Credits".

  • If tapped the player will be redirected to the scrolling credits of Seabeard.



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