Seadog Cove
Type Island
NPCs Ron Lye

Hebert Greasehands

Stan Glassbottom

Dusty Cartman

Sarah Salvager

Barry Grogpipes

Mickey Quickfinger

Ernest Babblington

Sterling Frank

Features Seadog Tavern


Rescue Station

Plant Store

Boat Yard

Trash Collector

Seadog Cove is the fifth island the player is introduced to.

To reach Seadog Cove the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge. Seadog Cove is also the center of Smuggling Quests such as Avoid Security.

The player will need the Larona Shallows Map to unlock Seadog Cove.

Seadog Tavern

The Seadog Tavern is operated by Barry Grogpipes.

Mickey Quickfinger is sometimes present there at night. He will sometimes give the player Smuggling Quests.

NOTE: Smuggling Quests can only be active at night.

Trash Collector

The trash collector is operated by Dusty Cartman. It is located on the beach near where the player's boat is docked.

Garbage Gathering

Every day, Dusty Cartman will provide the player a Daily Job to gather garbage on all the islands to be placed into the trash collector. Completing this Daily Job will give the player the daily reward for that job.


Sarah Salvager operates the Remaker, a machine that takes in items of any value, and converts them to clothing, furniture, accessories, decorations, and more.

Additional prizes which may result include pearls and coins.

Plant Store

The plant store is operated by Ernest Babblington. The player can buy plants to decorate his/her island. The stock changes everyday.

Rescue Station

The Rescue Station can be found in the back of Seadog Cove island. Ron Lye resides there and will sometimes give the player side-quests.

Boat Yard

Also known as Boat Shop. Hebert Greasehands can be seen standing in front of the Boat Yard.

The Boat Yard is operated by Stan Glassbottom. The player can purchase boat upgrades such as boat figureheads as well as new boats. New boats can have increased crew capacity.



As Emelia Quickblade said: "Seadog Cove is full of shady characters".

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