Sailing Challenges occur when riding the Oakwood Trawler from one island to another.

Sailing Challenges can be played if a Sailing Token is available.

The most consecutive trips without waiting for a recharge is four.

After using the first trip, a countdown from 15 minutes begins before the counter moves up again.

While taking the trips Sailing Challenges will have to be performed or skipped.

All Sailing Challenges cost one sailing token.

Completing the Sailing Challenges with a passable score rewards the player with an item or coins.

All of the Sailing Challenges require the player to guide the Oakwood Trawler, or another boat, through a course.

Players may skip any sailing challenge except smuggling quests by using the Airship.

Specific Sailing ChallengesEdit

For more information about each Sailing Challenges visit the individual page.

Below are various Sailing Challenges in Seabeard:


There are 3 difficulties to each challenge Easy, Medium and Hard.

The player gets a gold prize if the game is completed perfectly, the reward for completion is an item.(Items in golden chest vary based on difficulties)

The player gets a silver prize if a few errors are made in the game, the reward for completion is coins. (Easy is 5 coins, Medium is 8 coins, Hard is 12 coins)

The player gets a bronze prize if multiple errors are made in the game, the reward for completion is coins (Easy is 3 coins, Medium is 5 coins, Hard is 8 coins)

If too many errors are made no prize maybe given unless you are playing Fast Lane, which will guarantee a prize.



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