Ruby Fish
Type Fish
Location All Islands except

Archeon Temple Ruins

Time Day and Night
Trade Price 20 coins
Rubyfish is found in the waters of any Yoruba island.

Rubyfish can be sold at the Fishmonger Stall for 20 coins in 10 minutes.

It is an ingredient with with Golden Pike and corn in making fish chowder.

The player is asked to catch a Rubyfish and give it to Alistair McCubbin as their first fishing quest.

The Rubyfish is known for fighting disproportionately hard when caught, and for its chewy texture when cooked. It feeds on the sound of laughter, and discarded buttons. At night it sings in a baritone voice from a repertoire including Perry Como and Rick Astley.

Scientific name: Rubinus Gaudius



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