The Root Remover is first mentioned in Seabeard when Rudolf Taleweaver requests for it to be retrieved and brought back to him.

The Root Remover is located in the top-right direction of the dock which the player begins the game at.

It is located within a cave, and upon its retrieval Rudolf Taleweaver asks for it to be used to clear some roots in a different part of Accordia.

According to Rudolf Taleweaver the Root Remover is used by giving the root a tap and dragging the Root Remover onto it.

  • "Having trouble? It's simple - just give that root a tap and drag the Root Remover onto it!"

When approaching the root to use the root remover on a hover bubble reads, "Win Gold in Medium/Hard Sailing Challenges."

Upon completion of the quest, the root disintegrates Rudolf Taleweaver says the following:

  • "Well, that's saved us a long journey home. Now we can finally head inside!"

After this, Root Remover can be used on any root in Accordia to make it disappear and have the space under it become useable for buildings and decorations.

Root Remover can be rewarded from completing quests and side-quests.



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