Professor Hardback is first seen on Whiseman Reef and is sought after because Emelia Quickblade requests the player to talk to him.

Professor Hardback is located in the Academy on Whiseman Reef in the top right quadrant.

When first approached Professor Hardback says:

  • "Oh, a visitor to Whiseman Reef! Pleased to make your acquaintance."
  • Two options appear for the player to choose: "I'm looking for Dr. Cornelius!" and "I need your finest academic, and I need them now!"

If the player chooses the first option Professor Hardback will say:

  • "Oh dear, I'm afraid Dr. Cornelius is away on a dig."
  • "I believe he should still be on Archeon Temple Ruins should you wish to pay him a visit."

The player then receives a quest to speak to Dr Cornelius.



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