The Pearl Market is a market where players may purchase pearls in varying amounts with real money.

The Pearl Market is accessible by tapping on the pearls meter of the currency toolbar at the top of the screen.

Below are the prices of the various bundles of pearls available for purchase:

Pearl Market
Amount Description Price (USD/GBP)
Starter Pack
US: 300 Coins 50 Pearls

UK: 600 Coins 100 Pearls

Get a bunch of coins, pearls, and a bonus ELF OUTFIT! $2.99
Handful of Pearls
50 Pearls
A bonus boost for your adventuring $1.99
Leaf-pod of Pearls *
US: 130 Pearls

UK: 140 Pearls

Perfect for expanding your trading empire $4.99
Bag of Pearls
US: 280 Pearls

UK: 350 Pearls

A hearty collection of pearls for your spending needs $9.99
Barrel of Pearls
US: 580 Pearls

UK: 725 Pearls

A great choice for the ambitious adventurer $19.99
Chest of Pearls
US: 1,300 Pearls

UK: 1,500 Pearls

Flex your spending power with this big chest of Pearls $39.99
Mountain of Pearls
US: 2,500 Pearls


A giant pile of Pearls. Imaging the possibilities! $69.99
Boatload of Pearls **
US: 3,900 Pearls

UK: 5,000 Pearls

The ultimate choice! A HUGE collection of Pearls $99.99
Key: * Most Popular ** Best Value



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