The Monster Parts Stall can be placed after Alistair McCubbin sends the player on a quest to find the Architect on Larona Village.

The Monster Parts Stall is manned by Drenge Lurkfiend, the Monster Parts Trader.

Purchasing the Stall Edit

The Monster Parts Stall blueprint costs 1,800 Coins to purchase from Olly Molyneux, the architect, in Larona Village.

The Monster Parts Stall is worth 200 Prestige for Accordia.

To place the Monster Parts Stall the player must open the Inventory while on Accordia, and select the Monster Parts Stall and tap on an icon with an arrow pointing down. The player will then have the opportunity to select where on Accordia the Monster Parts Stall can be placed within the restrictions.

The only restrictions is that a 2 by 3 plot of land is needed and that the Monster Parts Stall has to be accessible to reach.

The player can later change the location of the Monster Parts Stall by using the Edit Island option from the Menu.

After placing the Monster Parts Stall on Accordia the player has to talk to Alistair McCubbin again.

Selling Monster Parts Edit



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