Matilde Molyneux appear on the docks of Accordia on a tugboat after the player reaches level 4 through gameplay in Seabeard.

Matilde Molyneux will have a green star above her head.

When approached Matilde Molyneux says:

  • "Hey <insert character's name>, I dig what you are doing here on Accordia!"
  • "Have you thought about dreaming BIGGER? About District Restyling?"
  • "Well I'm here to help! From Haunted to Yuletide styles, it's easy to find a theme that suits your personality."
  • "Have you got a District in mind you'd like to give a fresh look?"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then a screen appears with an option to scroll left or right through the different districts on Accordia.

It opens up on the Trader District and if scrolled to the right allows the Warrior District to be selected.

If a district is selected then the District Restyling menu allows for different themes to be selected and purchased.

If "Nope" or nothing is selected from the District Restyling menu then Matilde Molyneux will say:

  • "Well, I'm not going anywhere! Come back when you are ready."



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