Lorna Crabhoarder is first seen in the Bullhorn Farm Tavern on Bullhorn Farm after Rudolf Taleweaver requests the player to find an Angler.

Lorna Crabhoarder says the following upon approaching her:

  • "I've got a feeling that I'm mean to join you on your travels if you've got room for me?"

Underneath the question are two options, "Nope" and "Sure!" which the player has to choose one of.

After selecting "Sure!" a screen shows up showing the requirements to hire her.

The requirements to hire her are that the player has space on the the boat, that the player has reached captain Level 1, that there is space in a Crew House, and that the player has 20 Coins.

After hiring Lorna Crabhoarder a screen appears from her with the following message:

  • "To start fishing, just tap the water near the fish you want to catch!"

After hiring Lorna Crabhoarder the player is asked to return back to Rudolf Taleweaver on Accordia.

After hiring Lorna Crabhoarder as part of the player's crew she follows the player around.

The player is sent on a quest by Alistair McCubbin to catch a Rubyfish at Woodcutt Isle with Lorna Crabhoarder.

While on the quest Lorna Crabhoarder will guide the player on how to fish.

To fish the player needs to tap where the line is desired to be cast.

Next the player needs to spin the reel toward the fish.

After the fish is on the reel the player needs to spin the reel towards Lorna Crabhoarder.

If the fish struggle the player is supposed to hold the reel or the line will snap.

If the line snaps Lorna Crabhoarder will say,

  • "The line snapped! Don't reel in while the fish is fighting."

If there are no fish around Lorna Crabhoarder will say:

  • "Looks like there are no fish here... Try somewhere else!"

Once Lorna Crabhoarder catches 25 Fish a message appears and says:

  • "Lorna Crabholder is ready to upgrade their Angler skill to level 2! Visit Fishing Academy on your home island or build one!"



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