When a player levels up he/she will unlock certain items.

Unlocked Items
Level 2
Fish Figurehead Classic Green Dress Grey Striped Jumper Cabin Boy Outfit
Nautical Navigator Outfit Blue Pointy Hat Band Leader's Hat Orange Beanie
Old Top Hat Red Bow Sailor Hat Black Mask
Grandfather Clock Tall Lamp Blue Bed Pirate Flag
Level 3
Serpent Figurehead Gardner Outfit Yellow Angler Outfit Builder Uniform
Green Hoodie Roadie's Outfit Yellow Flower Red Hard Hat
Orange Cap Red Pointy Hat Wilderness Hat Feather Band
Privateer Headscarf Banker's visor Nature Headband Retired Pirate Top Hat
Black Beanie Yellow Bow Princess Crown Orange Tin Hat
Left Eyepatch Silver Glasses Monocle Blue Wakey-wakey Glasses
Orange Round Glasses Pet Tiger Hood Pet Eyepatch Pet Yellow Neckachief
Short Bookshelf Moon Table Wooden Table Green Bed
Fishing Rod Pram Yarn Ball Ficus Ginseng
Castonosperm um Nookus Small Bench Feeding trough Helianthus Annuus
Zamioculcas Zomifolia
Level 4
Fashion Dress Classic Blue Jumper Blue Tank Top Privateer Outfit
Pilot Outfit Retired Pirate Outfit Rabbit Suit Green Explorer Hat
Chef's Hat Red Beanie Postman's Hat Tomb Rustler Hat
Blue Bow Rabbit Hood Forest Guard's Hat Dog Mask
Pink Round Glasses Red Party Hat Pet Boater Hat Pet Glasses
Pet Candy Bowtie Pet Rainbow Neckachief Blue School Stool Kitchen Sink
Leather Sofa Wardrobe Fancy Sofa Colorful Cushion
Yellow School Stool Red School Stool Green Campbed Blue Campbed
Mouse Pet Toy Fish Bowl Pet Basket Citrus Limon
Dianthus Barbatus Warrior Statue Bear Carving Cafe Sign
Giant Cuckoo Clock Log Bench Archery Target Forest Sign
Light Wood Block Olea Yorubae Ficus Benjamina
Level 5
Lion Figurehead Yellow Summer Dress Tavern Dweller Outfit Tomb Rustler Outfit
Exotic Royalty Outfit Red-striped Skirt Park Keeper's Uniform Red T-Shirt
Blue Checked Shirt Chemistry Overalls Seafarer's clothing Cat Suit
Yellow Beanie Yellow Hard Hat Green Sports Cap Straw Boater
Zoa Fan Cap Starred Captain Hat Cat Hood Cowboy Costume Hat
Purple Mask Red Wakey-wakey Glasses Bear Mask Yellow Sunglasses
Pet Business Hat Pet Black Mask Pet Checked Bowtie Pet Scarf
Rocking Chair Round Table Fishing Chair Schooldesk
Fireplace Bunk Beds Pink Cupboard Pet litterbox
Yellow Pet Carrier Bone Pet Toy Box Lamp Arrow Barrel
Log Pile Camping Lantern Blue Barrel Painted Birdhouse
Campfire Yucca Elephantipes
Level 6
Iron-Clad Tug Stag Figurehead Orange Tunic Safari Suit Outfit
Shorts and Braces Postman's Uniform Dirty Rags Bear Suit
Cowboy Costume Princess Costume Small Mining Hat Blue Tin Hat
Propeller Beanie Woodman's Hat Cat Mask Orange Sunglasses
Brown Sunglasses Pet Bear Hood Pet Frog Hood Pet Rainbow Mask
Pet Blue Spotted Bowtie Small Cupboard Easel Large Table
Suntanning Lamp Bath Panther Chair Tropical Stool
Brown Shipping Crate Acoustic Guitar Red Pet Carrier Dog Feeding Bowl
Pig Feeding Bowl Art Gallery Sign Small Barrel Large Barrel
Quickblade Academy Flag Dark Wood Block Terrifying Statue Tavern Sign
Haystack Red Barrel Dock Mooring Post
Level 7
Eagle Figurehead Purple Dress and Leggings Bank Manager Uniform New-age Outfit
Brown Waistcoat Green Jacket Penguin Suit Green Angler Outfit
White explorer hat Captain's Bicorn Safari Hat Pirate Captain Hat
Fez Park Keeper's Hat Purple Headscarf Penguin Hood
Thick Wooly Hat Penguin Mask Yellow Shorts Pink Dress
Purple Tank Top Green Sarong Purple Sarong Floppy Hat
Hanky Pet Owl Hood Pet Red Mask Pet Green Spotted Bowtie
Mannequin Plank Table Tavern Table Golden Chair
Royal Chair Green Drawers Cot Colorful Stool
Tiki Table Cat Feeding Bowl Pet Ball Fish Carving
No-entry Sign Washing Line Cafe Table Postal Service Sign
Seadog Tavern Sign Docks Winch
Level 8
Sunsoak Yacht Dragon Figurehead Intellectual Explorer Outfit Blue Waistcoat
CEO Outfit Yorubo Sea Rescue Uniform Stealthy Clothing Dog Suit
Witch's Hat Mortarboard Hat Dog Hood Rabbit Mask
Wooden Sunglasses Classic Shades Green Summer Dress Blue Trunks
Green Dress Green Trunks Red Hero's Shorts Thirst Aid Hat
Sombrero Red Striped Hat Pet Fish Hood Anvil
Castle Golden Chair Four-Poster Bed Roadie Crate Grave Cross
Square Gravestone Swordfighting Academy Sign Sun Lounger Peach Parasol
Parasol Table Beach Ball Cool box
Level 9
Yorubo Lawman Uniform Woodman's Outfit Scholar Gown Beaks Club Uniform
Cowboy Hat Crown Broken Horn Helmet Captain's Hat
Vintage Top Hat Blue Sunglasses Tropical Shades Green Shorts
Red Shorts Black Tank Top Red Hawaiian Shirt Exotic Grass Skirt
Great Warrior Helmet Castle Ottoman Long wooden table Tavern Bench
Clothes Rack Elegant Chair Microphone Split Log Table
Pizza Oven Sweetheart Carving Large cauldron Playground Sculpture
Red Lamppost Axe Block Bullhorn Tavern Sign Stagelight
Well Tiki Bench Tiki Torch Inflatable Dolphin
Level 10
Stargazing Uniform Cartographer Uniform Scientist Lab Coat Viking Helmet
Sheriff Hat Grass Skirt Blue Hawaiian Shirt Castle Egg Display Table
Fridge Blue Bookcase Workbench Electric Guitar
Round Gravestone Sandpit Wooden Lamppost Seesaw
Tiki Firepit Blue Parasol Inflatable Crocodile Peach Deckchair
Striped Surfboard Red Box Lantern
Level 11
Paddle Steamer Tiara Safe Suit of Armour
Bank Deposit Cabinet School Table Red Star Bed Sword Sharpener
Worktool Drawers Scholar Filing Cabinet Mortar Board Scholar Bust Slide
Tiki Statue Tiki Idol Tiki Bar Blue Parasol
Sandcastle Seabeard Statue
Level 12
Castle Table Box of Spears Black Amp Flower Bed
Globe Catacombs Chair Archeon Font Grave Monument
Swings Silencing Statue Balloon Bunch Blue Box Lantern
Giant Bell Black Chess Pawn White Chess Pawn Warrior Statue



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