Leland Woodchuck
Name Leland Woodchuck
Type NPC
Location Woodcutt Isle
Related Mortimer Woodchuck

Woodwork Recipes


Leland Woodchuck is first seen on Woodcutt Isle in the back of Mortimer Woodchuck's shop.

Leland Woodchuck teaches woodwork recipes to the player to use with the woodcutter.

Introduction Edit

The first thing Leland Woodchuck say when approached is:

LelandWoodchuckIcon "I can see you're eager to learn about Crafting! Come back when you've reached Larona Village and I'll teach you all I know."

When Leland Woodchuck has something to say, a green book with crafting tools on it will appear above his head.

After Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to learn how to make a Wood Plank, Leland Woodchuck will say the following when approached for the first time:

LelandWoodchuckIcon "Here, do yer want to learn the art of Plankmaking? What fun-loving wee 'un wouldn't?"

A menu will open up to choose a recipe to learn!

After selecting the Wood plank under "Building materials" to learn the recipe the player spends 100 coins and a reward message pops up.

Leland Woodchuck then says the following:

LelandWoodchuckIcon "I hope you use that wood for nowt but good, young 'un."

The player then has to return to Rudolf Taleweaver.

Learning Recipes Edit

When approached again to learn new recipes Leland Woodchuck will say the same dialogue as with learning the Wood Plank recipe.

He will then open the recipe list of recipes to select a recipe from to learn how to craft.

When closing the menu Leland Woodchuck says:

LelandWoodchuckIcon "I'm not going anywhere, <Insert player's name> - come back whenever you're ready."

Woodwork Recipes Edit

Leland Woodchuck will allow players to learn how to craft woodwork items. View all the recipes here.



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