Larona Village
Type Island
NPCs Emelia Quickblade

Malory Frank

Lana Frank

Sterling Frank

Gabriel Flambé

Charlie Tipwell

Minnie Cheesecakes

Mayor Winkelvoss

Katherine Mary Featherwing


Features Larona Village Restaurant




Town Hall

Warrior Camp

Pawprint Pets

B.E.A.K.S. Club House

Archeon Three-head Statue

This is the fourth island the player is introduced to.

To reach Larona Village the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

The player is introduced to this island because Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to speak to Emelia Quickblade who is located on Larona Village.

When the player first arrives at the island, Mayor Winkelvoss will give the player a tour before retreating to the Town Hall.

Larona Village also offers various Side-Quests each day.

The player will need the Larona Shallows Map to unlock Larona Village.

Town Hall Edit

Town Hall is where you can find Mayor Winkelvoss as well as the Reward Machine. To the back, there is a StoryTronic 2000 which tells the story of Seabeard and Colosso.

Larona Village Restaurant Edit

The Larona Village Restaurant is operated by Gabriel Flambé who also teaches the player Food Recipes that can be crafted with the Cookomatic.

Charlie Tipwell and Minnie Cheesecakes also reside in the restaurant. Minnie Cheesecake will provide the player with a Daily Job of waiting tables.

Warrior Camp Edit

B.E.A.K.S. Club House Edit

The B.E.A.K.S. Club House is located in the left quadrant of Larona Village behind Pawprint Pets.

Katherine Mary Featherwing resides in the clubhouse and helps the player with the bird identification quest. Showing photos of birds taken with the camera to Katherine Mary Featherwing helps fill out the birds photobook.

Archeon Three-head Statue Edit

The Archeon Three-head Statue, a crucial quest item, is located at Larona Village. It is located on the steps on the way to the Warrior Camp.

Disguiso Edit

Disguiso is a funny looking rock with a disguise seen on the beach of Larona Village. He provides the player with disguises that can be purchased for the main quest.



  • Larona Village has the most number of quests than any island in Seabeard.
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