John Swiftblade is first seen on Larona Village and in the Blue Tent in the Warrior Camp after Emelia Quickblade requests the player to find a Warrior.

John Swiftblade says the following upon approaching him:

  • "The great Ms Quickblade has deemed you worthy of my protection. From this day forth, I pledge that no harm will come to you!"

Underneath the question are two options, "Nope" and "Sure!" which the player has to choose one of.

After selecting "Sure!" a screen shows up showing the requirements to hire him.

The requirements to hire her are that the player has space on the the boat, that the player has reached captain Level 2, that there is space in a Crew House, that there is space on the boat and that the player has 1,000 Coins.

After hiring John Swiftblade a screen appears from her with the following message:

  • "Warriors can defeat cave-dwelling enemies!"

After hiring John Swiftblade the player is asked to return back to Emelia Quickblade outside the Blue Tent.

After hiring John Swiftblade as part of the player's crew he follows the player around.

The player is sent on a quest by Emelia Quickblade to defeat a Training Dummy.

Upon attacking the Training Dummy a tutorial appears instructing the player on how to attack and defend.

To attack the player must swipe from the marker to the attacker.

To defend against the attacker the player must tap the defensive shield.

The player is then sent on a quest by Emelia Quickblade to defeat three Dark Gnomes at Dorado Mine with John Swiftblade.

Some times a monster part will drop when John Swiftblade defeats a monster.



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