Joe Caster is first seen on Ironblack City in the Geodo Fort in the back left corner. The player can approach him after Geodo Pickmason requests the player to find a Miner.

Joe Caster says the following upon approaching him:

  • "Mining, Ore and Metalwork - I want to bring these to your crew!

Underneath the question are two options, "Nope" and "Sure!" which the player has to choose one of.

After selecting "Sure!" a screen shows up showing the requirements to hire him.

The requirements to hire her are that the player has space on the the boat, that the player has reached captain Level 2, that there is space in a Crew House, that there is space on the boat and that the player has 800 Coins.

After hiring Joe Caster a screen appears from her with the following message:

  • "The Miner will help you collect valuable minerals!"

After hiring Joe Caster as part of the player's crew he follows the player around.


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