James Grindsweep is first seen on Bullhorn Farm and is sought after because Arthur Bullhorn requests the player to talk to him to make flour.

James Grindsweep is located in the Bullhorn Farm Windmill on Bullhorn Farm in the top left quadrant.

When first approached James Grindsweep says:

  • "Ha, you think all this windmill's good for is grinding grain? Time to open your mind!"

A menu will open up to choose a recipe to learn!

After selecting the flour under "Crop milling" to learn the recipe the player spends 150 coins and a reward message pops up.

James Grindsweep then says the following:

  • "...And that's how it's done. Make the most of your new milling skill!"

The player then has to return to Arthur Bullhorn.

When approached again to learn new recipes James Grindsweep will say the same dialogue as with learning the flour recipe.

He will then open the recipe list of recipes to select a recipe from to learn how to craft.

When closing the menu James Grindsweep says:

  • "Come back anytime - I've got plenty more to teach!"

James Grindsweep will allow players to learn how to craft and craft anytime after this:



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