Islands are locations within Seabeard in which the player has to take boats to reach.

  • The player may have to participate in a Sailing Challenge prior to reaching the island.

Below are the following Islands in order visitation through in-game progress:

Name Primary Purpose Map Portion Needed
Accordia To Restore

Has the player stalls on it.

All trader houses, crew houses, and upgrade academies are all on this island

Accordia Shores Map
Woodcutt Isle Spawns wilderness, fish and beach items.

Wood crafting occurs here.
Buying furniture and outdoor decorations.

Campers occur here.

Accordia Shores Map
Bullhorn Farm Spawns wilderness, fish and beach items.

Grinding Crafting occurs here.
Has farming items (the 2 daily crops, milk and eggs).

Accordia Shores Map
Dorado Mine Spawns wilderness, fish (only 1) and beach items.

To Fight (once you get a warrior crew member).
Caverns contain treasure chests with pearls and other valuable items inside. Wood blocks can also be found here, which are needed to complete certain building quests, or sell at woodwork stall.
Monster parts can be found in caves after killing dark gnomes and the parts can be sold in the monster parts stall back on your island.

Lighthouse: Repair the lighthouse wiring each day to collect cash rewards

Smuggler's Den: Join the smugglers club to get access to an additional cook-o-matic and extra smuggling quests

Larona Shallows Map
Larona Village Spawns wilderness, and fish (only 1).

Cooking Crafting occurs here.
Buying of blueprints for buildings and accessories.
Smuggling Quests.
Pets can be bought here, as well as accessories for them.
Once you have a warrior, you can access the bounty hunter challenges from the local jail, returning escaped convicts for cash and rewards.
Bird Photo enthusiast.
Rewards can be received from the reward machine in the town hall.

Larona Shallows Map
Seadog Cove Spawns wilderness(very little), fish and beach items.

Making Grog, Buying Plants, Buying Ships, Remaking Items
Smuggling Quests, Garbage Collection.

Larona Shallows Map
Whiseman Reef

Spawns wilderness, and fish.
Animal Photo enthusiast.

The IdentifEyer is here which can turn mud clods into antiques.

Archeon Sea Map
Archeon Temple Ruins

Spawns wilderness, and fish- 2 Archeonfish only, and this is the only place you can find them.
Dr Cornelius is here - he supplies you with a Camera along with Quests.
Archeon Ruins - similar to the Dorado Mine but with Rock Golems.

Collosso Crypt - where Collosso was held like a fugitive.

Archeon Sea Map
Sunsoak Lagoon

Spawns wilderness, and fish.
Tropical Trees are here which produce Pinecone and PowPow fruit.
2 recipes are available here.
Buying Tropical Outfits and Furniture

Archeon Sea Map
Ironblack City

Spawns some wilderness and fish
Doza pets are available here
There is a jail here
Geodo Pickmason is here to give you quests
There is a tavern here

Doza Seas Map
Carnival Rock

Spawns beach items, fish and wilderness
Carnival games are found here. If repaired they can be played for tickets
Hot dogs are sold here
Carnival themed items available for purchase with tickets
Doza vegetable patch is here (pumpkin, ginger, asparagus, cabbage). Costs 50 coins to pick

Doza Seas Map
Abundore Quarry

Spawns fish, wilderness and beach items
Doza goat milk is here. Requires carrots to feed the goats

Doza Seas Map



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