Island Badges activate if the player has enough trader badges which are attached to different indoor and outdoor furniture.

Different trader badges go towards different sections.

Each section is split into two parts with ten trader badge markers in each part.

Each furniture item can be worth one, two, or three markers.

If one part of the section is filled then the player reaches level one and the island badge activates.

If the second part of the category is filled up the player reaches level two and that island badge activates again while increasing the power of the island badge some more.

When level one is reached that totem will appear on the Totem Pole and the left eye will light up and glow.

When level two is reached the game will zoom in on the Totem Pole, and the right eye will light up and glow.

Reaching level one decreases the sell time of the items sold at that Trader Stall by 20%.

Reaching level two decreases the sell time of the items sold at that Trader Stall by 40%.

Island Badges

The list of the different Island Badges are below:

Island Badges
Makes fish items sell quicker
Makes food items sell quicker
Makes wood items sell quicker
Monster Parts
Makes monster part items sell quicker
Makes antiques items sell quicker



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