Inventory is a screen where players can view their collected items.

The Inventory can be accessed by tapping the square Menu button next to the currency toolbar.


Striped chicken egg

An Item Pop-Up Example

Pressing item displays a pop-up window with the name of the item and the ability to delete the item.

If the item can be sold in a stall on Accordia, the appropriate stall is listed below the item name.

Furniture and building blueprints have an additional placing option that allows the player to set down the item on Accordia.

Once an item is used it leaves the inventory.

For example, after using the Root Remover it is no longer in the player's inventory.


Although identical items are stacked, each item still occupies a slot.

For example, one slot with a stack of two Golden Pike fish still counts as two filled slots.


At the beginning of Seabeard, the Inventory is capped at 20 slots. 

The number of slots can be upgraded by tapping on the "Increase" button on the top right of the inventory menu and selecting "yes" when the purchase pop-up appears.

Alternatively, "no" can be chosen if the player chooses not to purchase the upgrade.

Listed below are the storage upgrades and prices:

Upgrade Slots Upgrade Price
Initial 20 N/A
First 25 50 Pearls
Second 30 150 Pearls
Third 35 300 Pearls
Fourth 40 450 Pearls
Fifth 45 600 Pearls
Sixth 50
Seventh 55 900 Pearls


  • A 20-Slot Inventory Example


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