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Hand Circus is a videogame company, based in London, England, United Kingdom, which created Seabeard. Hand Circus was founded in June 2008. Hand Circus released their first game, Rolando, in December 2008 as a platform-puzzle adventure for Apple iOS devices. Hand Circus later released the award winning Rolando 2:The Quest for The Golden Orchid in July 2009, before creating the Playstation 3 title Okabu. Now, with Seabeard, Hand Circus has returned to working on mobile games.

At the 2009 Develop Awards, Hand Circus was nominated for Best New Studio.

You can visit their site here and the about page for Hand Circus here.


Since they were founded, in June 2008, Hand Circus has developed and/or produced the following games:

  • Rolando
  • Rolando 2:The Quest for The Golden Orchid
  • Seabeard
  • Paper Toss

  • Okabu


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