Furniture can be placed in Accordia depending on what type it is.

Outdoor Furniture can be placed outside on Accordia if the required amount of land is available.

Indoor Furniture can be placed inside the Crew Houses and Trader Houses on Accordia if the required amount of land is available.

Furniture is sold at the Woodcutter from Mortimer Woodchuck on Woodcutt Isle.

  • The stock rotates and changes each day.

Furniture may be placed for sale at the SwapShop on Accordia for friends to purchase.

Furniture is sometimes rewarded for completing quests and side-quests.

Furniture may also be brought to the Remaker if unwanted.

Furniture may be stored in the Warehouse if there is sufficient space, and if the player does not have enough inventory.

Placing Furniture

To place the furniture the player must open the Inventory while on Accordia, and select the item by tapping on an icon with an arrow pointing down.

The player will then have the opportunity to select where on Accordia the furniture can be placed within the restrictions.

The player can later change the location of the furniture by using the Edit Island option from the Menu.



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