The Fishmonger Stall can be placed after Alistair McCubbin sends the player on a quest to place it in front of Seabeard Manor. The Fishmonger Stall is also referred to as the Fishing Stall.

The Fishmonger Stall is manned by Gregor Monkfish, the fish trader.

Purchasing the Stall Edit

The Fishmonger Stall blueprint can be purchased from Olly Molyneux, the architect, in Larona Village.

The Fishmonger Stall is worth 30 Prestige for Accordia.

To place the Fishmonger Stall the player must open the Inventory, select the Fishmonger Stall and tap on an icon with an arrow pointing down.The player will then have the opportunity to select where on Accordia the Fishmonger Stall can be placed within the restrictions.

The only restrictions is that a 2 by 3 plot of land is needed and that the Fishmonger Stall has to be accessible to reach.

The player can later change the location of the Fishmonger Stall by using the Edit Island option from the Menu.

Selling Fish Edit

The player may sell all of the fish that Lorna Crabhoarder catches from fishing. The player can also sell clams and hermit crabs, which can be picked up from beaches.

Items have different values and take differing amounts of time to sell.

Accordia Fish Edit

Fish Image Selling Price Time To Sell
Clam Clam 2 Coins 3 Seconds
Hermit Crab HermitCrab 4 Coins 3 Seconds
Rubyfish Rubyfish 20 Coins 10 Minutes
Golden Pike GoldenPike 35 Coins 20 Minutes
Stonefish Stonefish 40 Coins 40 Minutes
Emerald Chub EmeraldChub 40 Coins 40 Minutes
Archeonfish Archeonfish 45 Coins 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Electric Trout ElectricTrout 50 Coins 2 Hours
Vulturefish Vulturefish 55 Coins 3 Hours
Tigerfish Tigerfish 60 Coins 4 Hours
Majestic Goldfish MajesticGoldfish 80 Coins 5 Hours

Doza Fish Edit

Fish Image Selling Price Selling Time
Muddy Catfish
30 Coins 40 Minutes
Dynamite Guppy 45 Coins 1 Hour
Gunmetal Trout
45 Coins 1 Hour
Orefish 60 Coins 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Grey Guppy 80 Coins 2 Hours
Pink-finned Mackerel 80 Coins 2 Hours
Flamingo Salmon 80 Coins 2 Hours
Snouted Zebrafish 120 Coins 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Napoleon Fish 120 Coins 1 Hours 30 Minutes

Sailing Challenges Edit

The player may also sell certain items earned from Sailing Challenges.

Fish Image Selling Price Selling Time
Tentacle (Tentacle Terror)
15 coins 6 minutes
Narwhal Horn (Feeding Frenzy) 15 coins 6 minutes
Whale Tooth (Feeding Frenzy)
30 coins 15 coins
Partyfish (Slalom)
30 coins 15 minutes
Champion Lobster (Fast Lane)
30 coins 15 minutes

Recipe Items Edit

The player may also sell certain recipe items made at the Larona Village Restaurant.

Recipe Image Selling Price Selling Time
Shellfish Stew 25 coins 15 minutes
Fish Chowder 100 coins 5 hours



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