Lorna Crabhoarder is your angler. She will enable you to catch fish. To get her to follow you, you must have a crew house on your island.

Fish can be sold at the Fishmonger Stall.

Certain fish are unable to be caught until the Fishing Academy is built and the angler level upgraded.


To catch fish, you will first have to go to an island with fishing spots. All islands but your own can have fish swimming in the water. To actually fish, click close to the fish in the ocean, there should be a green circle. If there are no fish around, or if you clicked too far away from the fish, Lorna will let you know as she immediately stops fishing after just casting her line and says "Looks like there are no fish here... Try somewhere else."

When you do successfully cast the line, you should notice that the fish you were hopefully aiming for will temporarily go under water, once it resurfaces, use the reel on your lower right hand screen to attract the fish by giving it only a few gentle circles. Once the fish takes the bait, it will go through phases of being idle and being aggressive for its escape. To reel in, draw circles around the reel. While the fish is fighting back, refrain from reeling in. If you do, you will see your line start to flash red and begin to make a beeping noise. The more you reel in while a fish is fighting, the more tension you put on your line. Your line can snap and you will lose your fish if you're not careful.

When you have a fish on the line, there are two lines. One towards Lorna with a happy face, one out in the sea with a sad face. To catch the fish you have to reel it in past past the happy face. If the fish fights back enough to reach the sad face, the fish will escape.

After catching 40 fish, Lorna is able to upgrade her fishing skills at the fishing academy, a level six building structure on your island. To see how many fish she has caught so far, go to the crew tab in your menu, swipe towards lorna, and under the character tab there will be a bar which will steadily fill up green as you progress towards the goal.

Tips on Fishing Edit

  1. Reel in when Fish is not struggling
  2. When Fish is struggling, hold on to the fishing line without reeling in
  3. When Fish is not struggling and the fishing line has high tension, Let go of the line for a moment to release tension ( beeping will get slower or even disappear)
  4. If all else fails and fish is about to get away, release and quickly press the 'X' button at top right to exit fishing. Your fish will still be there for another try, but it's 'personality' (how much struggling it will do) will be reset each time you attempt to catch it.

PS: After the fish takes its first bite it will pull away for a short while before you can start reeling it in. However sometimes it will pull away, and then start struggling immediately leaving you with no chance to start reeling in. One of my mistakes is I start to reel in without pausing to see if it's struggling at the start or not.



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