Dorado Mine is the sixth island the player is introduced to.

To reach Dorado Mine the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

The player will need the Larona Shallows Map to unlock Dorado Mine.

The caves on Dorado Mine are inhabited by monsters, and require the player to have a Warrior as part of his or her crew.

The warrior crew member must be obtained by completing the Emelia Quickblade quests.

She is found at the Warrior Camp on Larona Village.

The caves contain Monster parts that can be sold at the Monster Trading Stall.

Monster Hat (defeat enemies, sometimes found on ground in cave)

Monster Arm (defeat enemies)

Other items found inside the caves are

Wooden Blocks (found on ground inside caves)

Treasure Chests (may obtain key by defeating enemies, randomly awarded)

Wendy Burlap (character)is located at the furthest end of the caves, and she will occasionally request items.

Animals needed for Camera/Animal Identification:

Rats (in Wendy's cave, on ground, all day)

Cornsnake (on ground inside caves, all day)

Mole (on ground, inside caves, all day)

Other birds and animals are present during various times throughout the day.

The Porcupine can occasionally be found on the island at night when it is raining.

There are also various piles of soil in the caves and once the player has the archaeologist] in his or her crew, the pile can be dug up for coins and other items.

This includes Mud Clods that yield artifacts that can be sold at the Antiques Stall.



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