Debra Mangosteen is first seen on Sunsoak Lagoon.

Debra Mangosteen operates the Sunsoak Lagoon Restaraunt.

Debra Mangosteen sells the recipes for Tropical Pie and Tropical Punch.

Debra Mangosteen first interacts with the player when approached.

This may or may not be before Etta Cornelius sends the player on a quest to learn the recipe for Tropical Punch depending on if the player spoke to her previously.

Debra Mangosteen says the following upon approaching her:

  • "Fancy learning how to make some of our local delicacies?"

A menu will open up to choose a recipe to learn!

After selecting the Topical Punch under "Tropical Treats" to learn the recipe the player spends 300 coins and a reward message pops up.

Debra Mangosteen then says the following:

  • "A great choice! That will really impress your pals back home."

The player then has to return to Etta Cornelius.

When approached again to learn new recipes Debra Mangosteen will say the same dialogue as with learning the pancake recipe.

She will then open the recipe list of recipes to select a recipe from to learn how to craft.

When closing the menu Debra Mangosteen says:

  • "Bit too exotic for you? Well let me know if you change your mind!"

Debra Mangosteen will allow players to learn how to craft and craft anytime after this:



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