Daily Jobs are side-quests which are offered daily from the same non-playable character.

The player has until the end of the daily cycle to complete the Daily Job to receive payment for it.

Reward Cycle

The more consecutive days the player completes the Daily Job the higher the reward payment is. The coin reward increases by 10 coins with each consecutive day that the player completes the job. Every fifth day, there is a pearl reward instead that also increases by 10 which each consecutive five days that the player completes the job.

If a day is missed the cycle starts over from Day 1 again.

After 20 days the cycle will start over from the beginning.

Some Daily Jobs, such as the Lighthouse Repairs, may get more difficult the more consecutive days it is completed.

Job Table

Daily Jobs Chart
Job Job Title NPC Island
Lighthouse Repairs Lighthouse Keeper Bill Wicktrimmer Dorado Mine
Garbage Gathering Garbage Collector Dusty Cartman Seadog Cove
Waiting Tables* Waiter Minnie Cheesecakes Larona Village
Beast Hunting Beast Hunter Burt Wolfbane Woodcutt Isle

  • Waiting Tables does not have a reward tier and is available more than once in 24 hours. Similar to capturing fugitives.



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