Cuthbert Pawmaster
Name Cuthbert Pawmaster
Type NPC
Location Whiseman Reef (Whiseman Reef University)
Related Land Animal Identification

Cuthbert Pawmaster is a non-playable character in Seabeard. He is first seen on Whiseman Reef and is sought after because Dr Cornelius requests the player to show a photo of a land animal to him in a quest to identify one land animal.

Cuthbert Pawmaster is located in the Whiseman Reef University on Whiseman Reef in the bottom right quadrant in a room with bookcases.

Cuthbert Pawmaster appears with a green star above his head.

Land Animal Identification

When first approached Cuthbert Pawmaster says:

  • "Greetings, fellow nature enthusiast! I am always in search of photos of exotic land animals."
  • "Have you photographed a specimen you'd like me to examine?"
  • Two options appear with "Give Photo" and "View Collection"

If "Give Photo" is selected then Cuthbert Pawmaster then the player is able to drag the photo over to Cuthbert Pawmaster.

Upon receiving the new photo Cuthbert Pawmaster says the following:

  • "Ah the Red Fox - another miracle of nature! Let me tick that off for you."

A screen then appears with the catalogue of found land animals and the number of photos the player has turned in for each individual land animal appears.

Upon closing the catalogue Cuthbert Pawmaster says the following:

  • "Excellent work <Insert player's name> - I'll be waiting for your next specimen."


If "View Collection" is selected then Cuthbert Pawmaster then a screen opens for the player to see the catalog of land animals he or she turned photos in for.

Upon closing the catalogue Cuthbert Pawmaster says the following:

  • "See you back here soon with a stack of new photos, I hope!"

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