Crew Members consist of the player as the captain and any non-playable characters the player can take along to aid him or her throughout the game.

Crew Members consist of the following non-playable characters:

Crew Members
Purpose/Job Name
Angler Lorna Crabhoarder
Warrior John Swiftblade
Archaeologist Etta Cornelius
Miner Joe Caster

Hiring Crew MembersEdit

Different crew members become available for hire to the player at different stages in the game.

For example, Lorna Crabhoarder becomes available near the beginning of the game after Rudolf Taleweaver has the player do a few quests for him.

Later in the game John Swiftblade becomes available after doing numerous tasks for Emelia Quickblade which coincide with quests from Rudolf Taleweaver and Alistair McCubbin.

Etta Cornelius does not become available until awhile after John Swiftblade does several quests for Dr. Cornelius which coincide with quests from other key non-playable characters.

Switching Crew MembersEdit

The player can have one to three crew members travel with him or her at a time depending on the size of the boat he or she is using.

The Oakwood Trawler which the player starts with only hold one crew member.

To switch between crew members the player needs to open the crew screen and swipe left to the crew member he or she does not require at the time.

Once the player finds the crew member there is an option to send the character back to the home island.

If the player wants to use a crew member who was sent back to the home island he or she needs to go to his or her home island and speak to the character.

Upon speaking to the character the crew member will say the following:

  • "Ah <Insert player's name>, I knew you'd be back! Ready for more adventure?"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then a screen will appear listing the requirement to have the crew member join the player again.

The only requirement is to have crew space on the boat.

If there is not enough space the screen will inform the player to send a crew member home to make room.

If there is enough space the player may select hire and the crew member will be able to follow the player around again.

After hiring the crew member back the job specific info-card will appear before the player can continue playing with the character.


  • Angler Info-Card
  • Warrior Info-Card
  • Archaeologist Info-Card


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