Crew is a screen where players can view their characters and hired crew members.

The other crew members can be viewed if the player swipes his/her character left or right.

The Crew screen can be accessed by tapping the square Menu button next to the currency toolbar.

Upon opening the Crew screen players can customize their characters and view their info.

Content is divided between two tabs, Character and Clothing.

The Character tab displays characters' jobs, levels, and XP bars. Crew members can also be sent back to Accordia using the "send home" button under this tab.

The Clothing tab displays all owned clothing the character can wear. Players can change their character's clothing here.

Players can also edit their character's name from this menu by tapping on the white ribbon above the avatar where the character's name is displayed.

There are four crew members as of the Doza update. The four crew members are: the angler Lorna Crabhoarder, the warrior John Swiftblade, the archaeologist Etta Cornelius, and the miner Joe Caster.



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