Type N/A
Location Woodcutt Isle

Larona Village

Dorado Mine

Trade Price N/A
Fed to Cow
The Cowleaf can be found on most islands including Woodcutt Isle, Larona Village, and Dorado Mine.

The Cowleaf can be fed to cows on Bullhorn Farm to produce cow milk. After feeding a Cowleaf to a cow, it takes 22 minutes and 30 seconds to produce cow milk.

The player is asked to find two Cowleafs by Ranger Grainger when the player first visits Woodcutt Isle as part of a quest. Once the player has found two Cowleafs it has to be brought back to Ranger Grainger in order to complete the quest.

The Cowleaf's description is shown when the player has no Cowleafs to give to a cow. It says that the Cowleaf is found on Woodcutt Isle.

It cannot be sold in the Food Stall.


Where is the research fact for this assumption? Cow leaf is mostly used for pain relief


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