Burt Wolfbane
Name Burt Wolfbane
Type NPC
Location Woodcutt Isle
Related Daily Job

Beast Hunter

Beast Hunting

Burt Wolfbane Cane can be found in the Beast Hunter Tent located on Woodcutt Isle, with a green exclamation point above his head every day to present a Daily Job of beast hunting to the player.

Daily Job Edit

When approached Burt Wolfbane says:

  • "Before you ask, yes, it is I, the great Burt Wolfbane, better known as...THE BEASTHUNTER !"
  • "I roam this land, protecting good people from terrible creatures. However, their numbers increase and I am but one amazing man."
  • "Perhaps you and your allies, are interested in joining up as Trainee Beasthunters? What I am saying - of course you are!"
  • "Your duties for this Daily Job are simple, and by simple I mean, 'full of hear-stopping danger'!"
  • "Every successive day you defeat the beast I assign, I'll increase your pay. Heck, I might even throw in a prize. Don't miss a day, or I'll reset your pay!"

Scenarios == There are three possible boss monsters to date that Burt Wolfbane will ask the player to defeat in order to get the daily job reward. These are random day to day.

Beetle Boss Edit

When approached again after this Burt Wolfbane says:

  • "You! A foul Beetle Boss is terrorising Abundore Quarry. I'm busy with...things, so it's your duty to slay the beast."
  • "The beast will be in the company of other monsters, so check every corner of the island and make sure you get the right one. Trust your instincts!"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then Burt Wolfbane then the player receives a side-quest to defeat the Beetle Boss.

Gnome Queen Edit

On the second day when approached Burt Wolfbane says:

  • "One beast down, thousands more of fiends to go! Ready to go another round?"
  • "Yeah, don't think I can't see that look in your eye. There's a nasty Gnome Queen on Dorado Mine with you name on it. Get hunting!"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then Burt Wolfbane then the player receives a side-quest to defeat the Gnome Queen.

Upon approaching Burt Wolfbane after completing the Beast Hunting Daily Job he says the same response as on the first day when the job was completed.

Golem King Edit

Reward Edit

Upon returning to Burt Wolfbane after completing the Daily Job he says:

  • "We've kept the island safe - for tonight, at least. Rest up <Insert player's name> - you've earned it."
  • "Don't forget your reward! See you tomorrow I hope?"

The payment menu for Beast Hunter then opens for the player to collect the payment for the Daily Job.

After the second day the greeting to initiate the Beast Hunter Daily Job, and the response when completing it are the same as the second day's responses.



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