The Bullhorn Farm Windmill is located on Bullhorn Farm in the top-left quadrant. The Bullhorn Farm Windmill is operated by James Grindsweep.

Recipes must first be purchased from James Grindsweep before items can be crafted.

The Bullhorn Farm Windmill is also home to some dormice, who can be photographed with the camera as part of the animal identification quests.

Recipes Edit

The player can craft items after learning them from James Grindsweep!

Type Name Recipe Cost Ingredients Trade Price Craft Time
Crop milling Flour 150 Wheat Sheaf (3) 30 45m
Wood Grinding Sawdust 100 Driftwood (3) 20 30m
Paint Squelching Red Paint 95 Strawberry (2)

Tomato (1)

25 37m30
Paint Squelching Yellow Paint 150 Yellow Mushroom (2)

Corn (1)

30 45m
Paint Squelching Purple Paint 200 Blackberry (2)

Blue Apple (1)

40 60m
Paint Squelching Green Paint 250 Rock Golem Moss (2)

Green Apple (1)

50 1h15m
Monster Crunching Rock Golem Powder 180 Rock Golem Piece (3) 180 4h30m
Doza Special Mashed Pumpkin 250 Pumpkin (3) 50 1h15m
Doza Special Weirdwood Sawdust 200 Weirdwood (3) 40 60m
Doza Special Orange Paint 225 Yellow Goosefruit (2)

Cloudberry (2)

45 1h08m
Doza Special Camouflage Paint 250 Cabbage (2)

Asparagus (2)

50 1h15m
Metal Grinding Iron Powder 2700 Iron Bar (3) 540 13h30m
Metal Grinding Bronze Powder 3150 Bronze Bar (3) 630 15h45m
Metal Grinding Silver Powder 3750 Silver Bar (3) 750 20h
Metal Grinding Gold Powder 4500 Gold Bar (3) 900 20h



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