Bullhorn Farm
Type Island
NPCs Arthur BullhornBilly Bullhorn

James Grindsweep

Larry Grogpipes

Features Bullhorn Farm Windmill

Bullhorn Farm Tavern

Vegetable Patch

Bullhorn Family House

Bullhorn Farm is the third island the player is introduced to. To reach Bullhorn Farm the player must participate in a Sailing Challenge.

The player is introduced to this island because Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to speak to find an Angler located in the Tavern which is located on Bullhorn Farm.

Bullhorn Farm is where the player will find Arthur Bullhorn.

  • He will give you a series side-quests where the player needs to find him various items around Bullhorn Farm

Vegetable Patch

Billy Bullhorn is the caretaker of the Vegetable Patch.

  • Opens at 6:00AM to 8:00 PM - All you Can Pick Cost 20 coin to enter. The vegetables you can pick vary from Day to day!

There are four types of vegetables you can find in the patch:

Bullhorn Farm Tavern

The Bullhorn Farm Tavern is operated by Larry Grogpipes.

Bullhorn Farm Windmill

The Bullhorn Farm Windmill is operated by James Grindsweep. The player can craft milling recipes after learning them from James Grindsweep.

Animals and Birds

The Brown Rabbit, Hedgehog, Dormouse, and Bullfinch can be found on Bullhorn Farm.



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