The Boat Yard is located on Seadog Cove in the bottom-right quadrant. Herbert Greasehands can be seen standing in front of the Boat Yard's entrance,

It is operated by Stan Glassbottom.

The Boat Yard sells various figureheads which can be purchased and placed on the player's boat.

After approaching Stan Glassbottom a screen with which items may be purchased opens up displaying the stock for the day, the price of each item being sold, and the player level requirement needed for each item.

The Boat Yard is also the location to where new boats can be purchased.

Boats Edit


Boat Level Unlocked Crew Capaciity Price
Oakwood Trawler N/A 1 Crew
1 Pet
Iron-Clad Tug Level 6 2 Crew
1 Pet
3,000 Coins
Paddle Steamer Level 11 3 Crew
1 Pet
6,000 Coins
Sunsoak Yacht Level 8 3 Crew
1 Pet
1,800 Pearls



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