Bertha Birchwood
Name Bertha Birchwood
Type NPC

Wood Trader

Location Accordia
Related Wood Trader

Woodwork Stall

Bertha Birchwood is first seen on Accordia next to the Notice Board after Alistair McCubbin requests the player to find a Wood Trader.

Bertha Birchwood says the following upon approaching her:

BerthaBirchwoodIcon "I'll bring the fresh scent of pine and the satisfying ring of a cash register to Accordia if you'd have me sell your wood creations?"

Underneath the question are two options, "Nope" and "Sure!" which the player has to choose one of.

After selecting "Sure!" a screen shows up showing the requirements to hire him.


The requirements to hire her are that the player has reached captain Level 1, that there is space in a Trader House, that the player has a Woodwork Stall, and that the player has 500 Coins. After hiring Bertha Birchwood a screen appears from him with the following message:

  • "Traders will sell your items for you. Talk to them to keep them stocked up!"
  • There is a picture of a fish with a hand on it next to a green arrow pointing to Bertha Birchwood with a speech bubble with coins in it.

After hiring Bertha Birchwood the player is asked to return back to Alistair McCubbin.

Selling Woodwork Items

If approached Bertha Birchwood will say the following:

BerthaBirchwoodIcon "Driftwood and planks to handcraft toys - wooden creations and materials are y specialty!"

A screen will open up which allows the player to drag any wooden items desired to be sold to an empty bin.

Once the wooden item is placed Bertha Birchwood will say:

BerthaBirchwoodIcon Once the wooden item is placed Bertha Birchwood will say:

"Now that's a fine wooden good. We'll have no problem finding a buyer!"

BerthaBirchwoodIcon If an item is not placed Bertha Birchwood will say:

'"I'm pretty sure you don't want those manky monster parts stinkin' up the place, so hire me and I'll sell 'em on."'

BerthaBirchwoodIcon After collecting the money from selling the wood items Bertha Birchwood will say:

"Don't spend it all at once!"



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