The Archeon Three-tail Statue is first sought after and interacted with after Dr Cornelius sends the player on a quest to have and retrieve it. It is one of the statues required to solve the Colosso Code at Archeon Temple Ruins.

The Archeon Three-tail Statue is located on Whiseman Reef.

It is located between the Whiseman Reef University and Whiseman Reef Observatory.

It is a golden statue with three tails pointing up in there air. After receiving the quest if approached the player may tap on it and an arrow will appear pointing upward.

If the player drags upward on the platform the statue will enter his or her Inventory and leave an empty platform behind.

It is possible to place the Archeon Three-tail Statue back on the platform by tapping on the platform and dragging the statue back onto it.

After having the Archeon Three-tail Statue the player must return back to Dr Cornelius.



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