Archeon Temple Ruins
Type Island
NPCs Dr Cornelius

Professor Burrowes

Trent Bristle

Features Archaeology Tent

Archeon Temple


The Archeon Temple Ruins contains the Archaeology Camp, Archeon Temple, and the Crypt.

Dr. Cornelius is found on this island, in the first archaeology ten, and he will supply the player with a Camera.

Stone Bridge Edit

A Stone Bridge in disrepair blocks entrance to the main portion of the island that contains the Archeon Temple and the Crypt.

Repairing the Stone Bridge takes 12 hours and requires:

Rock Golems Edit

Access is initially limited to the first few chambers, which are home to two Rock Golems that the player must fight to get past.

Killing a Rock Golem will yield a copper key which can be used to open chests containing coins or a golem piece..

Animals and Birds Edit

The Otter, Beaver, Striped Snake, and Fire Waxwing can be found at Archeon Temple Ruins.

Map Edit

Area 1 unlocked with Archeon Temple


Area 2 and 3 unlocked after Antique trader.

Area 4 is unlocked after Dr. Cornelius asks you to take a picture of the Archeon Priest Altar, which you can find in the puzzle room of Area 3. You will also need the Archeon Three-tail Statue and the Archeon Three-head Statue.

Gallery Edit

  • Trent Bristle
  • Professor B
  • Unlocked main temple


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