The Antiques Stall can be placed after Etta Cornelius joins the player's crew as an Archaeologist and after a Mud Clod to identify using the IdentifEye 5000 is obtained.

Purchasing the Stall Edit

The Antiques Stall blueprint cost 3,600 Coins to purchase from Olly Molyneux, the architect, in Larona Village.

The Antiques Stall is also worth 380 Prestige for Accordia.

To place the Antiques Stall the player must open the Inventory while on Accordia, and select the Antiques Stall and tap on an icon with an arrow pointing down. The player will then have the opportunity to select where on Accordia the Antiques Stall can be placed within the restrictions.

The only restrictions is that a 2 by 3 plot of land is needed and that the Antiques Stall has to be accessible to reach.

The player can later change the location of the Antiques Stall by using the Edit Island option from the Menu.

Selling Antiques Edit

The player may also sell items identified from Mud Clods as well as Archeon Slabs, which can be picked up in the Archeon Temple.

Items have different values and take differing amounts of time to sell.

Picture Item Trade Price Time
Archeon Slab 4 coins 3 seconds
Goat Statue 20 coins 10 minutes
Walrus Statue 25 coins 20 minutes
Warrior Statue 30 coins 30 minutes
Skull Statue 35 coins 40 minutes
Jade Chicken Statue 40 coins 1 hour 20 minutes
Meditating Statue 45 coins 2 hours
Cow Statue 50 coins 2 hours 40 minutes
Gold Bird Statue 55 coins 3 hours 20 minutes
Golden Chalice 60 coins 4 hours

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