The player's Angler crew member is Lorna Crabhoarder.

The player is first asked to find an Angler as part of a quest Rudolf Taleweaver ends the player on.

An angler which can be hired is Lorna Crabhoarder located in the Bullhorn Farm Tavern on Bullhorn Farm.

After hiring an angler the player has to return back to Rudolf Taleweaver on Accordia to collect the reward and be given the next quest.

To catch a fish the player must cast the line into the water and then use the reel in the bottom-right corner to reel in the fish.

If the player reels in the fish when it is splashing it can snap the line and the fish can get away.

Upon getting the fish on the hook two lines appear; one in the front and one in the back.

The process may involve going back and forth between reeling and stopping in order get the fish over the front line which determines if it is caught.

Likewise, if the fish makes it too far away and over the back line then it escapes and the player does not get to keep the fish.


  • Lorna Crabhoarder Angler Level Two


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