Seabeard begins in Accordia after the tutorial is over.

The player is introduced to the island that he/she is supposed to build into a thriving trading centerand restore to its former glory.

Retrieving a Root Remover upon the request of Rudolf Taleweaver Is the first task/quest the player must do.

After completing this quest, Rudolf Taleweaver asks for some roots to be removed.

Trader Stalls

On this island the player builds Trader Stalls and hires Traders to sell goods obtained by the player.

The six main stalls are:

Trader Houses

Each Trader Stall requires a Trader House for the trader's living quarters. Indoor furniture and decorations for Trader Houses are acquired through purchase at Woodcutt's Sawmill, at the Seadog Island Plant Nursery, and sometimes as quest prizes. Some Trader Houses also have spots for outdoor furniture, decorations and plants after boulders or tree roots are removed. Each indoor or outdoor item is associated with trading power points, which increase the turnover speed of various trading goods. Each indoor or outdoor item also contributes to the Island's Prestige points. As trading power points accumulate, totem pole pieces are added to the base on the dock and eventually will be lit up.

Trader Houses vary in price and require various building materials.

Crew Houses

Each crew member requires a Crew House for living quarters. The interior can be decorated with furniture, plants and flowers. Outdoor decorations can be placed around some Crew Houses, after boulders and tree roots have been removed.

Crew Houses vary in price and require various building materials.


Each Crew Member requires an academy to be built, where his or her skill will be upgraded.

These vary in price and require various building materials.

The academies are:

Other Buildings

There are other buildings on Accordia that need to be built or repaired over time as well:


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