Accessories can be worn by the player and crew members depending on if the clothing is gender-specific or has other conditions.

Accessories are sold at the Plaid's Outfitters from Chad Plaid on Larona Village.

  • The stock rotates and changes each day.

Accessories are also sold at the Holiday Accessories Stall Bret Boardshorts from Sunsoak Lagoon, and primarily focuses on island themed glasses and hats.

  • The stock rotates and changes each day.

Accessories may be placed for sale at the SwapShop on Accordia for friends to purchase.

Accessories is sometimes rewarded for completing quests and side-quests.

Accessories may also be brought to the Remaker if unwanted.

Accessories may be stored in the Warehouse if there is sufficient space, and if the player does not have enough inventory.



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