Abundore Quarry is part of the Doza Seas Map.

In the Restaurant on the island is where you can learn new recipes. When you first arrive, you have to complete quests before you are able to learn recipe.

You can enter the Beetle Cave from inside the Restaurant, by fixing the wiring and unlocking the door which will lead to the back caves, where you can get to the Beetle Boss. You can also enter from the outside cave entrance, but cannot access some parts of the cave from this entrance due to the cliffs. A total of 3 Gloom Beetles will spawn.

There's also an Observatory that is run by Christoph Tail gazer. He will have various quests, often to find a lost meteor.

Above the Beetle Cave there's two Doza Goat, which you need to feed a carrot

At the Abundore Quarry you can find a Black Fox, Stormwind Eagle, Mole Rat, and Viper Snake, and Wolverine.

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